Interoperability made easy

Mindware makes software interoperable so you can unlock the total value of your data

Connect your tech stack

We abstract away the coding and configuration needed to connect your tech stack to the latest AI applications.


Integrating Mindware is as simple as importing a single URL.


Connecting to your stack is as easy as adding an API key.


Unlock the total value of your data across AI applications.

Join 20+ organizations using Mindware

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    • Bluehealth
    • eolink
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    • Mindpal
    • Medblast

Access your services

Seamlessly access public and private API services into your workflow to enhance productivity.

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Integrate comprehensive text translation into your AI agent.

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Retrieve and display results from Google Custom Search.

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Next generation with access to more than 200 million places.

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Access CRM, sales, and marketing data from your HubSpot account.

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Integrate payment processing capabilities into your AI agent.

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Access Wikipedia content in machine-readable formats.

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Full programmable access to of Wolfram|Alpha.

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Access to YouTube data, such as videos, playlists, and channels.

Join our community

Join our thriving community of AI innovators, from indie developers to multinational corporations, as we evolutionize data systems for the AI era.

    • Well done guys. This seems like a really cool product and idea! I love seeing products like this because they simply work and make our lives easy.

      Ayhan Dzhemalov
      CEO of
    • Wow! Very smooth and fast onboarding, incredibly clean docs, and impressive and interactive tutorial.

      Aris Nakos
    • Mindware's API gateway seamlessly integrates AI agents, streamlining communication and enhancing efficiency. A game-changer for AI development.

      Mirza Haris
    • Just explored Mindware's API gateway and it's very innovative, making AI agents' internet access super easy.

      Aayush Chhabra
      Founder & CEO @ Kniru

Capacity-based pricing

Enjoy our generous free tier, go pro for increased access and limits, or supercharge your organization with our enterprise solutions.


For casual developers who want a simple solution to connect to a few public APIs.


  • Public APIs
  • 3 Enablements
  • 100 Daily Requests
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For advanced developers who need to connect to many public and private APIs.


  • All APIs
  • 15 Enablements
  • 500 Daily Requests
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For enterprises that need to connect to APIs and legacy software to AI apps.


  • All APIs & Software
  • Unlimited Enablements
  • Unlimited Daily Requests
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